Here at, we attend the most exciting eHealth conferences around the world. Medica, Pioneers, DMEA to name just a few. One such is HIMSS, which starts on 11 June this year.

HIMSS (the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) is a global organisation. They run events all over the world, and this year, the HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference will be held in Helsinki, Finland. The event starts on Tuesday 11 June. Over three days, the conference will focus on five key topics:

  • Integrating health & social care
  • Enabling the shift from acute to community-based care
  • Promoting a secure, ethical and actionable flow of data
  • What can AI deliver today & what are we really ready for?
  • Opportunities and challenges of opening innovation will be attending HIMSS to experience the midnight sun in Helsinki. This is not the first time we have attended. Back in 2015, were honoured to receive a prize as one of the most exciting eHealth companies in Europe.

Will you be attending HIMSS Europe? Would you like to talk to us about how our technology can help you become GDPR and HIPAA compliant? Book an appointment and speak to our CEO, Jovan Stevovic PhD.