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Best podcasts for digital health leaders

The digital health industry is evolving fast. Stay on top of developments in the  industry by listening to the best podcasts out there. In this blogpost we share our pick of the crop.

Easy Medical Device

Market: Global

Host: Monir El Azzouzi

Description: Weekly medical device podcast covering different topics on medical device legislation. Easy Medical Device also offers a set of tools that can help you if you want to complete your compliance alone.

Empowered Patient Podcast

Market: US

Host: Karen Jagoda

Description: This show is a window into the latest innovations in digital health and the changing dynamic between doctors and patients. Topics include the emergence of personalised medicine and breakthroughs in genomics, advances in biopharmaceuticals, using big data from wearables and sensors, and challenges for connected health entrepreneurs.

Healthcare Rap

Market: US

Host: Jared Johnson & Peter Balistrieri

Description: We can’t keep marketing healthcare in the same way. Each week the flavourful duo of #digitalhealth influencer and rapper Jared Johnson, together with industry veteran Peter Balistrieri, challenge the status quo of healthcare marketing and technology in a unique style that both entertains and informs. If you want insights from the industry’s best thought leaders delivered in a way that doesn’t bore you to tears, join the posse!

Pharmacy Podcast Network

Market: US

Host: Todd S. Eury

Description: The Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN) collects  thought-leading interviews with some of the most brilliant minds in Pharmacy with over 30 co-hosts. The PPN is a Digital Health Publication and Content Developing partner to the Pharmaceutical industry focusing on specialty medications, pharmacy business technologies, and industry trends.

Faces of Digital Health

Market: EU- Global

Host: Tjasa Zajc

Description: Faces of Digital Health (formerly Medicine Today on Digital Health) is a podcast on digital health, exploring how different healthcare systems adopt technologies in healthcare. Its aim is to identify barriers to success in digital health adoption in different countries, and provide answers and advice for accelerating the success of digital health entrepreneurs.

PopHealth Podcast

Market: US

Host: Gavin Ward & Zac Morgan

Description: Hosts bring a combined 20 years of heath care and home care experience which allows them to facilitate thoughtful and meaningful discussion on topics including population health, care transitions, readmission prevention, etc.

Medtech Talk

Market: US

Host: Tom Salemi

Description: It presents interviews with people and organisations that help shape technology and innovations in the healthcare world. Past episodes include interviews with GE’s Anders World, Nuvaira’s Dennis Wahr, and Ascension Ventures’ Matt Hermann. The podcast also touches on technologies that are poised to make an impact in health care, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotics, as well as several startups such as Fractyl Laboratories. Medtech Talk is hosted by Tom Salemi, a former bureau chief at Elsevier Business Intelligence, where he covered venture capital investments in the medical technology sector.

Fixing Healthcare

Market: US

Host: Robert Pearl & Jeremy Corr

Description: Fixing Healthcare is “a podcast with a plan” to solve the healthcare system's biggest problems. The show, which regularly appears on Apple's Top 100 list of science and medicine podcasts, is a co-production of Dr. Robert Pearl and Jeremy Corr.

Healthcare Simplified

Market: US

Host: Tyler Willse and Ned Dukehart

Description: Healthcare Simplified is a podcast dedicated to helping executives, HR teams, and business owners navigate increased complexity in modern business healthcare solutions. Whether you’re trying to simplify your healthcare administrative solutions, explore the world of benefits, or use data analytics to predict the latest trends and opportunities, this show is dedicated to helping you create a frictionless healthcare experience for you and your employees.

HealthcareNOW Radio

Market: US

Host: Robert Pearl & Jeremy Corr

Description: HealthcareNOW Radio offers commentary and discussion on the latest developments and trends impacting healthcare information technologies, healthcare innovations, healthcare delivery, and more.

J&J Innovation Podcast

Market: US

Host: Caroline Baratz

Description: Johnson and Johnson Innovation is committed to advancing new healthcare solutions through collaboration. The podcast explores the latest trends in healthcare and the thinkers, organisations, and ideas behind them.

MGMA Podcasts

Market: US

Host: Caroline Baratz

Description: Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) equips practice administrators and executives with the knowledge and tools to head high-performance physician group practices in a complex and evolving healthcare environment.

Market: US

Host: Caroline Baratz

Description: Thought leaders from NCHICA member organisations and other leading companies discuss the latest trends in healthcare IT.

Oliver Wyman Health Podcast

Market: US

Host: Caroline Baratz

Description: The Oliver Wyman Health Podcast explores cutting-edge topics related to healthcare transformation. A recent episode was titled From Real-World Data to Real-World Decisions How to ensure medications work as intended for different patient populations.

Outcomes Rocket

Market: US

Host: Saul Marquez

Description: Outcomes Rocket, are a shared knowledge hub for healthcare's toughest problems. They aim to help inspire and guide  listeners to improve patient outcomes and experience business success in healthcare.

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