Healthcare leadership conferences 2020

In the year, we will travel across the world to the events in digital health. This short blog post will provide you with a summary of the best conferences for healthcare leadership and why you should consider going.
Healthcare leadership conferences 2020

In the year, we will travel across the world to the events in digital health. This short blog post will provide you with a summary about the best conferences for healthcare leadership and why you should considering going.


45th edition of Arab Health Congress

January 27-30, 2020 Dubai, UAE

Our ranking: 4 out of 5

Topics: Total Radiology, Surgery, Orthopaedics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Midwifery, Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine, Diabetes, Primary Care, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Patient Experience, Quality Management, Emergency Medicine, Anesthesia and Pain Management, and Healthcare Investment Forum.

Description: The Arab Health Congress brings together influencers from all major medical disciplines to facilitate the continuous advancement of healthcare in the region.

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HIMSS 2020 Global Health Conference & Exhibition

March 9-13, 2020,  Orlando, FL, USA

Our ranking: 5 out of 5

Topics: 17 topic categories, including artificial intelligence (AI), consumerization and patient experience, cybersecurity, data & analytics & leadership, governance, and strategy.

Description: HIMSS is a mission-driven, non-profit global advisor and thought leader, which puts this conference at the top of our list.HIMSS not only supports the transformation of the health ecosystem through information and technology, but also offers a unique depth and breadth of expertise in health innovation, public policy, workforce development, as well as research and analytics.

HIMSS18 Opening Keynote, Eric Schmidt Technology for a Healthier Future: Modernization, Machine Learning, and Moonshots with Eric Schmidt, Technical Advisor And Former Executive Chairman, Alphabet Inc. (Parent Company Of Google)


Innovation Summit

April 21-23, 2020, Dublin, Ireland

Our ranking: 4 out of 5

Topics: The critical challenges facing the ever-evolving global medical device community.

Description: Attendees can expect to network with over 4,000 medtech executives from around the globe over the span of 3 full days of panel discussions and keynote presentations all geared toward exploring the needs, opportunities and challenges facing the global medtech industry. eBook on MDR and eHealth

Future of Health Summit 2020

April 27-29, 2020, Bratislava, Slovakia  & Vienna, Austria

Our ranking: 4 out of 5

Topics: 120 conference sessions, all the Summit streams, including Academia Supporting Healthcare, Prevention before Care, Clinical Trials Digital Toolbox, Personalized Medicine & Genome Research, Digital Health in Health & Pharma, and Pharmacovigilance.

Description: Its where great minds meet today to improve the health of the society tomorrow. You will find all players of the healthcare ecosystem serving as a platform for premium business connections, cutting-edge innovation, and critical thinking discussions.


Healthcare Leaders Forum

May 5-6, Sydney, Australia

Our ranking: 4 out of 5

Topics: 2020 Vision: Alignment and Advocacy in Healthcare, Patients and Professionals: Shared Decision-Making Across the Continuity of Care, People at the Core: Driving Decisions with Dialogue, Systematic Transformation: Pathing the Road to Interoperability, Courageous Leadership: A Rallying Cry for Healthcare Transformation, Allied for Advantage: Aligning Patient Outcomes with Business Imperatives, Breaking the Cycle: Prioritizing Sustainable Development.

Description: The Healthcare Leaders Forum Asia-Pacific is returning in 2020 with a refreshed format to guide you through the year ahead with over 170 of your industry peers and an unrivalled selection of C-Suite speakers.

Future Health Summit

May 20-21, Dublin, Ireland

Our ranking: 5 out of 5

Topics: The latest thinking on healthcare market conditions, determine what’s next for healthcare in Ireland, and gain exposure to new strategic concepts, companies and thought leaders from across the healthcare industry.

Description:The Future Health Summit is the global gathering for healthcare in Ireland with 500+ delegates, 50+ Exhibitors and 80% senior level audience.

Past event in Dublin

24th International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC) WorldLab

May 24-28, 2020, Seoul, Korea

Our ranking: 4 out of 5

Topics: Plenary lectures, educational workshops, satellite meetings and poster sessions covering the scientific and technological aspects of laboratory medicine.

Description: It will focus on “Value-based Laboratory Medicine”, with the main goal to achieve globalization of medical knowledge related to clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine through a well-structured system of continuing education.

Conference in 2017


Healthcare & Technologies Healthcare Summit 2020

June 16-20, 2020 | Barcelona, Spain

Our ranking: 3 out of 5

Topics: Women’s health, statistics and research, global economics, digital health, informatics and many others.

Description: Promoting human health by the method of healthcare and its aspects.


American Hospital Association (AHA) Leadership Summit

July 19-21, San Diego, CA

Our ranking: 5 out of 5

Topics: Creating a culture of innovation to drive delivery system change, consumerism and digital health, advancing clinical care, strategies for achieving affordability and value, opportunities for redefining the health of communities, and governance excellence.

Description: This Leadership Summit makes the list because it focuses on transformational strategies and approaches for achieving financial sustainability while delivering greater value through operational excellence, creative partnerships, and redefined delivery models.

2020 American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo

July 26-30, 2020, Chicago, USA
Our ranking: 4 out of 5

Topics: Hear vital research while learning about important changes in the field.

Description: Each year the AACC hosts this annual meeting in a new city that provides an exciting backdrop for the premier meeting in the field of laboratory medicine – this year in Chicago.


2020 European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress

August 29-September 2, 2020, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Our ranking: 4 out of 5

Topics: Use of advanced therapies, big data, robotics.

Description: The ESC Congress brings together more than 33,000 dedicated colleagues to share, challenge and learn from one another.


Life Sciences Baltics 2020

Our ranking: 5 out of 5

Topics: Digital health, gene editing, microbiome and health: current applications & future challenges

Description: Life Sciences Baltics is the only and finest Baltics’ life sciences forum gathering leaders from life sciences field. Forum provides a unique programme that features a variety of opportunities to get inspired and turn new knowledge into new projects!


Healthcare CEO Summit

October 21, 2020, Cleveland, OH, USA

Our ranking: 4 out of 5

Topics: The debate over affordability, and ageing demographics in the US have created an incredible opportunity along with dramatic change and challenges.

Description: Leaders from across every healthcare sector in the US are brought together here to discuss key challenges brought on by the radical revolution already underway in healthcare.  

World Health Summit

October 25- 27, 2020, Berlin, Germany

Our ranking:


Description: The World Health Summit is the world's most prominent forum for addressing global health issues. It brings together key leaders from academia, politics, civil society, and the private sector to address the most pressing health-related challenges on the planet.


Leaders in Healthcare 2020

9-11 November, London, the UK

Our ranking: 4 out of 5

Topics: Showcase the most topical issues in healthcare and their relation to the future of medical and wider healthcare leadership and management.

Description: Leaders in Healthcare 2019 featured a masterclass day and two full days of keynote speakers, interactive sessions, exhibition, poster presentations, networking and fringe events.