Get the latest on Health and Medical App Security - and learn how you can make your Apps secure. From 2014 onwards our team was working on these topics and prepared some eBooks and extra video recording for you. Read through to see the selection of our free resources.

Below is a list of 4 free eBooks that will help you secure your digital health application and help you grow your business. The best part is most of them are short and can be read even on the beach.

1. How to build GDPR and HIPAA compliant health and medical apps?

If your application handles health data, it must comply with relevant laws including GDPR and HIPAA. In this guide, we explore the legal challenges involved, explain why this matters and look at some technologies that can help you. At the end, we explain how solves all the problems for you.

In a brief guide for GDPR & HIPAA you will find:

  • Selection of the main technologies you can use.
  • The difference between GDPR and HIPAA.
  • Why you need to care about data protection.

This is one of our oldest and most popular ebooks where we dive in topics of data encryption, pseudomization, anonymization and different security approaches. Each chapter is divided into separate sections with infographics and visuals.

2. How to build MDR certified compliant health and medical apps?

From May 2020, many eHealth applications will have to comply with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR). Our guide explains about MDR and the link with GDPR, the importance of ISO 13485, the MDR certification process, some technologies you can use and finishes by showing how using speeds up the certification process for you.

In MDR and eHealth you will find:

  • Understand the requirements for MDR-certified applications.
  • Find out why ISO 13485 is so important.
  • Learn about MDR and why it matters for eHealth.

MDR brings one of the biggest changes in EU digital health market. Understanding this law is important to any business leader. In this eBook you can find simple explanations of the main parts of legislation, the main requirements for your application being approved. eBook on MDR and eHealth

3. Regulations and standards for compliant health and medical apps

A quick overview of the laws, regulations & standards that are required for any Digital health application, including MDR, DVG, GDPR, HIPAA, C-marking.

In quick overview of Regulations and standards for digital health apps:

  • What different jurisdictions require for proving clinical safety and effectiveness.
  • Broad overview of all legislation you should understand.
  • What you are legally required to do about data security and data protection.

4. What data are you collecting?

GDPR defines some types of personal data as especially sensitive. If you collect special data like this, you have to protect it properly. Our guide includes a simple infographic, so you can immediately understand what data you collect and what you need to do with it.

After reading the guide to health data you will:

  • Understand how sensitive the data you collect is.
  • Learn the legal implications for your application.
  • See some examples of companies that got it wrong.

5. Webinar on MDR & GDPR- extra resource

From May 2020, many eHealth applications will have to comply with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR). Watch our webinar to learn how this will affect your digital health application. We explain the link between MDR and GDPR, describe some tools that can help, and show how speeds up the certification process for you.

Webinar is a perfect solution to everyone who is interested in learning about the topic by watching rather than reading the articles or eBooks

6. Webinar: Medical Device Cybersecurity & Data Protection Regulations - extra resource

This free webinar on medical device data protection and cybersecurity focuses on the Medical Device Cybersecurity and Data Protection Regulations in the EU and the US, the GDPR & HIPAA, respectively.