MDR is huge for digital health companies. However, MDR certification requires GDPR compliance. Our CEO Dr Jovan Stevovic talks about this important aspect.

The MDR is a huge topic for digital health companies. Many digital health applications will now need to be certified as medical devices. However, MDR certification also requires GDPR compliance. This aspect is often overlooked or misunderstood. Recently, our CEO Dr Jovan Stevovic talked to Monir El Azzouzi about this important aspect of MDR.

Monir El Azzouzi runs the Easy Medical Device podcast series. This great series answers the important questions about the new medical device regulation. It covers everything from regulatory affairs and quality management through to innovation in this important field.

In the podcast, Jovan and Monir discuss why GDPR is such a fundamental aspect of MDR. Jovan explains the challenges and issues relating to GDPR compliance. In particular, how hard it is to get the technical aspects right. This is because people often wrongly assume that their cloud providers will solve these for them. In fact, all major cloud operators make it clear that these aspects remain your responsibility.

If you would like to listen to the podcast, click on the link below.